Growing in Faith




Nearly 500 years ago Martin Luther used a poster, a hammer and nails to announce to the world that God loves us. The church in Wittenberg became the social media platform for his 95 Thesis and the spring board for the entire Protestant Reformation!

Throughout the reformation, Luther and others, had this goal: to make faith accessible. Luther realized that a top-down approach of the church (where the priest holds all the information and shares it, on a need-to-know basis, with parishoners) doesn’t work! Instead, Luther knew, that the gospel was intended to be in the hands of the people! The good news, that Jesus loves you, is meant to be experienced, discovered and shared every day, by everyone!

Luther also knew that in order to get the gospel into the hands of the people, a few things would need to change. Luther met this challenge through the social media platform of his day: the printing press. Luther translated the Bible into German — getting God’s words into the hands of the people. He wrote hymns, understanding we easily learn & proclaim God’s love through music. And knowing we sometimes need help understanding what we’re reading, Luther wrote the Small Catechism to equip parents to teach their children.

What tools do we have to learn and proclaim God’s love?

Some items in our ‘toolbox of faith’ remains the same – we can still look to our leather-bound Bibles and hymnals to learn and share Jesus’ love. And of course, you can pull your dusty catechism off the shelf (there are really great things in there!)… but technology has blessed us with a variety of wonderful resources, too! Luther’s platform included the printing press and a hammer; ours includes smartphones and the internet. While our social media platforms have evolved & changed, this goal of the Reformation, making faith accessible, continues today

I’d like to introduce you to a few of my favorite resources. Making faith a part of your daily life is made easy and fun… Try them out & share them with your friends!

Favorite Apps
Vibrant Faith at Home ~ Resources for the entire household! Tips & tools for faith formation, no matter what age!
Daily Grace ~ daily reflections for your faith journey, developed by the Women of the ELCA.
Faith Talk ~ quick conversation starters for your family & friends.
Lectionary ~ Prepare for Sunday’s readings throughout the week, or follow along here during worship!
Gather Magazine ~ For women of faith, by the Women of the ELCA
Triglotta ~ Luther’s Book of Concord, including the Small Catechism as an app! Never leave home without it!
Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals ~ A beautifully written book of common prayer, offer morning, midday, and evening devotions. This is available as a book, ebook and app.
Family Bible Adventures ~ an interactive Bible experience that uses videos, songs, quiz questions, games, and coloring activities to teach your child about Jesus.
Facebook ~ What better way to keep in contact with Bethel, family & friends!
Pinterest ~ Not just for recipes and decoration ideas! A quick search can lead to many faith-filled ideas for your home: Advent calendars, Bible Coloring sheets and more!

On the Web
Bethel ~ But you all already have this bookmarked, don’t you?!
ELCA ~ Our denominational website, filled with helpful tips, articles & photos. Check it out!
Vibrant Faith @ Home ~ resources for the entire household. Tips, liturgies, traditions and articles to help guide the Spiritual life of the entire family! Broken up into lifelong ages/stages.
Daily Household Devotionals ~ Connect your household devotionals to the reading from Sunday morning. Takes just 5 minutes!
Living Lutheran ~ an online publication of the ELCA, blog-style, a great faith-based online magazine!
The Lutheran ~ Forget to pick up your copy at church? Check in on the ELCA’s magazine online, too.
Parent Further ~ Not a faith-based resource, but a really neat website about parenting!

Delivered to your Inbox
God Pause ~ daily devotions sent to your inbox from Luther Seminary.
Bethel Newsletter ~ sent monthly to your inbox or mailbox. Also available on Bethel’s website.