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A Lector serves by reading the scripture lessons (generally Old Testament reading and/or Epistle reading) each Sunday. On occasion, may be asked to assist during other parts of worship (e.g. reading prayers, liturgy). Chairperson: Cathy Houg-320-395-2759 or cathy.houg@gmail.com. Please find a replacement if you are unable to serve when scheduled. Pastor Aaron or Cathy can assist with questions.

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What Available Spots
January 2018 #1: Jill D.
February 2018 #1: Nancy K.
March 2018 #1: Steve & Lisa K.
April 2018 #1: Linda H. C.
May 2018 #1: Tim S.
June 2018 #1: Nancy K.
July 2018 #1: Mary Lou T.
August 2018 #1: Jeff B.
September 2018 #1: Andria C.
October 2018 #1: Jean H.
November 2018 #1: Ron F.
December 2018 #1: Cathy H.